Meet our Directors

Boitumelo Stofile

“I am finally following my dreams and my passion.”

I am finally at a stage in my life where I can do what I have been yearning for. It is now my time to evolve and spend time on myself in a space that gives me the freedom to create.

I am finally following my dreams and my passion. I am finally taking the time for myself, not to do for others but to focus on what has brought me so much joy. Nobantu Studio is a place where dreams will not be capped based on the ceiling that society has placed. We will redefine the narrative that art and design is not just a hobby instead, a craft that can be taken seriously.

Nomalungelo Stofile

“Right here, right now, with what you have, you are enough, you have enough.”

We are constantly being sold dreams of aspiration. We are constantly being told we need to do more, be more; we aren’t enough. At Nobantu Studio we believe, right here, right now, with what you have, you are enough, you have enough, to take ownership of whatever it is you want.

My hope for you and me is to journey together to own it all. Own your truth, own your full self, and own diamonds, of course…

Yasmine Kazadi

“I am worthy of a diamond piece!“

Nobantu Studio is an opportunity for me to create, design and build a brand that validates for me that “I am worthy of a diamond piece!”.

Nobantu Studio is an expression of my artistic inner self. Allowing me the privilege to create and share pieces with other female and female-identifying people that they too are worthy of a diamond piece.

The world has often told many of us we are not worthy of the basics, as people of colour. I hope to remind you that you are worthy of so much more AND a diamond piece!